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Sit-Stand Desks

Office life can be monotonous, causing your productivity to slow down. Studies show that workers' productivity increases by 13% when they are happy. And one way to keep your employees happy is by providing them with a comfortable workspace.

One way to increase comfort is to use an office standing desk. It can help increase energy, improve ergonomics and posture, and reduce health risks.

But what's the difference between a standard office desk and an active work desk? Keep reading to find out.

What is an Active Work Desk?
Active work desks allow changes in static posture and introduce movement like walking, balancing, peddling, perching, standing, and leaning while working.

Is a Standard Desk Better than an Active Desk?
The choice between the two types of desks highly depends on your preferences, requirements, and in most cases, your profession. While you know what you are getting with a standard desk, you will need to learn a bit more about active desks.

Back Pain

Sit-Stand Desks Help with Back Pain

Active Standing Desks: Pros and Cons
One of the pros of standing desks is that you can adjust their height to fit you perfectly. They also help improve your health by encouraging you to spend more time standing than sitting down. This will help with posture and reduce chronic pain. Architects and designers especially will find these desks quite useful.

One of the cons of standing desks is that they tend to become rather expensive if opting for a high-spec standing desk. It may also take longer to adjust to standing for several hours. Not everyone is comfortable working while standing and making that switch can initially cause back and foot soreness.

And before purchasing one, be sure that you have enough room because a standing desk can be bulkier and takes up more space than a standard one.

Standard Desk

Standard Office Desk

Standard Desks: Pros and Cons
Standard sitting desks, in combination with an adjustable office chair, will reduce back and neck strain. Some people find sitting down while working for hours more comfortable.

The biggest pros are that these desks are more affordable and accessible and that standing is not meant for everyone. Sitting down is a much better choice for those suffering from circulatory illness.

A big con for standard desks is that lack of mobility is not healthy as it reduces the metabolism and increases the risk of obesity. Another con is that you can’t adjust a standard desk to suit your posture.

Andrews Office Furniture: Find the Right Standing Desk for You
It all comes down to your goals and preferences. Whether you prefer a standard desk over an office standing desk, we got you covered. Andrews Office Furniture has a wide selection of office desks that come in various types and sizes.

We offer electric and manual height-adjustable ergonomic solutions. Our sit-stand office desks are proven to improve blood circulation, aid people with back problems, and help reduce calories. They also include cable management options and are available in different leg colour finishes.

Call us now on 0800 559 3917 and enjoy next working day delivery across London & M25 areas, or visit one of our office furniture showrooms.