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  1. Office Clearances & Relocation

    Office Clearances & Relocation
    1st July 2020

    One of the larger problems facing office workers returning to work after the first wave of COVID-19, is their placement. Some will set up their office space at home, while others will return to offices employing new social distancing measures. Whatever the situation, everybody will be affected one way or another. Office clearances, closures, and relocation will become the norm...
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  2. Ergonomic Office Furniture: For Your Health

    Ergonomic Office Furniture: For Your Health
    23rd June 2020

    Many work-related health conditions plague the modern office worker, and are worsened by inferior office furniture. Even otherwise healthy people can find themselves with needless aches and pains because of it. Then there are the more serious back and neck complaints, which can affect your daily life. However, ergonomic office furniture is here to help! More people are using ergonomic...
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  3. Sneeze Guards & Social Distancing

    Sneeze Guards & Social Distancing
    15th May 2020

    As we ease back into our work and office places in the coming months, we thought we'd give you a simple guide to help you stay safe & healthy at work. This guide will offer some helpful tips when it comes to adjusting office layouts, employing new social distancing measures in the workplace, as well as the introduction of sneeze...
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  4. Sit Stand Desks: A Guide

    Sit Stand Desks: A Guide
    20th March 2020

    Every industry must evolve to meet the growing demands of the people, and the office desk industry is no different. As people look to optimise their health in every way possible, ergonomic furniture is the new goal. These facts paved the way for sit stand desks, which are also commonly called height adjustable, standing, or ergonomic desks. With that in...
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  5. Home Office Furniture: Make the Most of Your Space

    Home Office Furniture: Make the Most of Your Space
    13th March 2020

    As more people begin to work from home in the coming weeks, many home offices & studies will be dusted off and put to use. Many only have small rooms too, or perhaps even just a section of a room, so it can be difficult to organise a comfortable, functional, & compact work area. That's why we've decided to give...
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  6. A Guide to Cheap Office Furniture

    A Guide to Cheap Office Furniture
    5th March 2020

    It can be a nightmare trying to fit out your office, without going over budget, especially when money is tight. We encounter customers with this problem quite often, so we decided to lend a helping hand. This guide will help you create an attractive and functional office space, with cheap office furniture. Cheap Office Furniture: Desks Unite Desk There are...
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  7. Bisley: Essentials Storage

    Bisley: Essentials Storage
    28th February 2020

    Bisley are world renowned leaders when it comes to the steel storage industry. You can walk through offices almost anywhere in the world, and you're likely to find a Bisley Multi-Drawer Unit, an AOC Filing Cabinet, or a Note Pedestal. Their latest range, Essentials Storage, is their bid to cater for all possible types of office storage you could need...
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  8. Ergonomic Office Chairs: A Simple Guide

    Ergonomic Office Chairs: A Simple Guide
    20th February 2020

    The modern office worker spends a substantial amount of time at their desk, so an inferior chair can do damage over time. Neck pain, back problems, and leg issue are the most common complaints. This can affect you physically, it can affect your mood, your productivity, and your overall ability to function optimally. However, if you spend time getting to...
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  9. The Evolution of Office Desks

    The Evolution of Office Desks
    13th February 2020

    A huge portion of us use them on a day-to-day basis, but how much do we know about the origin of office desks? We decided to give you a brief history of them, from their conception, to what we see on today's marketplace. 17th & 18th Century: The Birth of Office Desks Antique Writing Desk The first known illustrations of...
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  10. The Office Chair Guide: Fabric, Mesh, or Leather?

    The Office Chair Guide: Fabric, Mesh, or Leather?
    6th February 2020

    A poor office chair can affect everything from your physical health, to your mood, to your performance at work. That's why it's crucial that you find one that works for you. In the modern age there is so much choice in every industry, it's hard to know where to begin searching. We've decided to weigh up the pros and cons...
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