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  1. Designer Chair Replicas: Live Luxuriously for Less!

    Designer Chair Replicas: Live Luxuriously for Less!
    24th January 2020

    Many people would love to have their office or home fully kitted out with designer quality furniture, but many people are not as wealthy as they would like either! That's why we've decided to give our tips on how you can live more lavishly, for less. Designer Chair Replicas: The Office Designer Chair Replica Almost since the dawn of designer...
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  2. Gaming Chairs: Game On!

    Gaming Chairs: Game On!
    17th January 2020

    As we steamroll into 2020, arguably no industry is innovating faster than that of the world of video games. With increasingly newer and faster consoles being made, and the constant improvement of virtual reality gaming, video games are more popular than ever. An often overlooked aspect of gamer culture is the effect it can have on our health. One of...
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  3. Bisley Filing Cabinets: Retro Storage

    Bisley Filing Cabinets: Retro Storage
    10th January 2020

    There is no more superior manufacturer or brand than Bisley when it comes to steel storage. Filing cabinets are becoming a retro style trend of late, and only Bisley caters for almost all budgets and tastes. Particularly renowned for their Bisley Filing Cabinets, we thought we would give you a rundown of their various ranges, from their economical AOC range...
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  4. New Decade, New Office Furniture!

    New Decade, New Office Furniture!
    19th December 2019

    With less than two weeks left until a new year is upon us, as well as an entirely new decade, we're taking a look at the new office furniture trends that are growing in popularity. These styles and types of new office furniture have been increasingly asked for in 2019, and the industry trends are gearing towards them, as the...
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  5. Christmas Gifts: Designer Chairs & Storage

    Christmas Gifts: Designer Chairs & Storage
    13th December 2019

    The modern office worker spends more waking hours in their office than they do at home. That is why a new designer replica chair, quality second hand designer chair, or customised personal storage are all great ideas for Crimbo gifts. With barely a week of shopping time left before Christmas, here are some Christmas gift ideas from AOF! Designer Chair...
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  6. Make the Most of a Small Office Space!

    Make the Most of a Small Office Space!
    6th December 2019

    A small office space can ruin your mood and productivity, especially if it starts getting too messy and cluttered. That's why we decided we would give you some helpful tips on how to furnish a smaller office space. There are tons of things you can do to free up space, to allow for an airier, less claustrophobic atmosphere. This is...
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  7. Herman Miller: Elite Ergonomics

    Herman Miller: Elite Ergonomics
    29th November 2019

    Originally a businessman from West Michigan, Herman Miller helped his son-in-law, D.J. De Pree, buy the Michigan Star Furniture Company in 1923. The Michigan Star Furniture company soon became the brand we know today as Herman Miller. By the 1950s, the name had already become widely known as a market leader, an innovator, and still is today. With manufacturing facilities in...
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  8. Which is the Right Office Desk for Me?

    Which is the Right Office Desk for Me?
    22nd November 2019

    Do you need a new office desk, or regret buying the one you've already got? There are so many styles these days that, unless you have all the time in the world to research them all,  it is almost impossible to know which one to choose! That's why we are going to break these office desk styles down into three...
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  9. Breakout Seating; The Practical, The Modern, & The Replica

    Breakout Seating; The Practical, The Modern, & The Replica
    14th November 2019

    Breakout areas are frequently the first point of contact for the majority of visitors to your office. With that in mind, it's crucial that you help make a good first impression, and put your visitors at ease. One way to do this is with comfortable, supportive, breakout seating, and it helps if it's easy on the eye. There are three...
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  10. Ergonomic Furniture: The Modern Workplace

    Ergonomic Furniture: The Modern Workplace
    8th November 2019

    Ergonomic Furniture It's breathtaking how many work-related health conditions still plague the modern office worker because of inferior furniture. Even healthier people can often find themselves with a little niggle here, a pain or ache there. This doesn't include the more serious back and neck complaints, which can quickly diminish your physical capabilities. However, ergonomic furniture is here to help...
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