The team at AOF has been doing its best to keep up with the latest affects the coronavirus is having on the world of office work culture, and office furniture. It's been several months since lockdown ended in the UK, and Covid-19 office trends include a huge rise in office clearances, downsizing, and relocations. Others have made homeworking a more permanent fixture, and some are adapting their existing offices to adhere to best social distancing practices.

Covid-19 Office Trends Include Clearances

Office Clearances

Covid-19 Office Trends: Clearances, Downsizing, & Relocation

Unfortunately, the most common of Covid-19 office trends is large numbers of companies downsizing their workforce. Many are also relocating their offices, in order to adhere to increasingly restrictive health and safety measures, or due to downsizing. More and more people beginning to work from home on a more permanent basis is also having a noticeable affect, and contributing to the the need for these office re-designs, clearances, and relocations.

Home Office Furniture Trends

Second Hand Designer Chair

Second Hand Designer Chairs

This tendency for people to work from home more often, and even permanently, is one of the Covid-19 office trends we are seeing a lot more of, especially when it comes to office workers. As such, many people are seeking to buy small or medium sized office desks for their new home office work spaces, as well as plenty of office chairs. One of the ways we have been encouraging our customers to save on money but not quality, is by considering second hand designer chairs, including heavyweight ergonomic brands such as Herman Miller.

Social Distancing Measures

Social Distancing Screens

Tips for a More Socially Distanced Office Space

For those back at the office, easily visible signage on walls and floors are a must, coupled with plenty of hand sanitizer stations. One of the main ways we've been able to help our customers adapt their space to adhere to social distancing guidelines, is with the implementation of acrylic hygiene screens. These come in all kinds of sizes, finishes, and forms, including desktop screens, freestanding screens, and mobile sneeze guards. All of them are great for helping to keep order in the office, keep people safe from unnecessary contact with others, and for peace of mind in the modern workplace.

Image Credits: Jeyaratnam Caniceus & Muntzir Mehdi