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The current movement of the economy has influenced all sectors. The average cost of renting a newly built office in the UK has increased by 13% for 2022. This has led many to rethinking their office design and refurbishing their office space in a more budget-friendly manner.

If you’re looking to design a home office or remodel your existing one, buying a second-hand office chair can be a smart investment. Read on for more ways to design an office on a budget.

Go for a Minimalist Design

Minimalistic design is the latest aesthetic trend. It doesn’t only look sleek; it also saves a lot of money, and at the same time, your office needs less tidying and cleaning. The space looks wider and classier, and your office gets the latest fashion design.

Buy Second Hand Furniture

Second Hand Office Furniture

Pre-owned Office Furniture

When you’re on a budget but still want to equip your office with the basics: a desk, office storage, or your office chair, buying second-hand is the perfect bargain. Second hand merchandise usually costs ⅓ of the item’s original market value.

But this depends on the condition of the goods and their functionality. Buying second-hand for your office is perfect because office furniture is less amortised than your home chair or sofa.

Use a Makeshift Divider

If you have an open space but want to create more room for others to work in, you can simply place a divider between several desks instead of renting out more space. This way, you will get more “offices” and allow your employees to focus solely on their work.

And the best part? When you want to return to your open pool space, you can simply pack these up and store them for another time.

Potted Plants


Add More Colour

A dull space can be off-putting for you, your employees, and future potential customers. So why not brighten the place more? There are several ways to do this. For example, you can buy some flowers in small pots that would come as decoration. This is a cheap idea that can completely change the look of your place, especially if you add a bigger plant.

Another way is to paint a wall in your office in colours that reflect your branding and values. For instance, if you’re leaning towards eco-friendliness, you can paint a simple green meadow or a forest that would directly show what your business is all about.

Check Online for Ideas

If you can’t think of something on your own, you can easily go online today and find a similar picture. Once you have the idea, you simply need to shop for the products. Recreating the same concept with more budget-friendly options is a great way to style your office.

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