Office Feng Shui

Office Space Planning

An average UK citizen spends 36.3 hours in their office per week. Looking at the bigger picture, we spend almost a ⅓ of our lifetime in the office. This is why office aesthetics matter as much as your living room or bathroom.

But simply buying executive office furniture online won't do the trick. You need to know where to place it and how it will fit the overall look to maximise your space. That is where office aesthetics come into play.

Keep reading to learn why the design of your office matters.

Five Benefits of an Aesthetic Workspace

Boost Business Potential and Growth

Minimalistic Office Design

Clean & Clear Office Space

Success isn't just about how much money you make. It's also about whether your employees and customers are taken care of. One way to look out for your

employees and clients is by providing them with a clean, comfortable, and inviting office space.

According to Feng Shui, good thoughts come from a clean, well-designed space instead of a messy piled-up office.

Increase Your Workplace Productivity

Happy people are more productive. You increase your team's productivity by making yourself and your employees comfortable and satisfied with their surroundings.

Plants & Flowers

Flowers & Plants

Plants, especially green leafy ones, also add to the design, aside from acting as natural humidifiers. Not every minute of the working hours should be about work – expressing ideas is the foundation of the future of every business.

Invite Customers and Employees

Think about it, would you hire a good lawyer if their office is cluttered with papers piled up in every corner, or would you go for someone with an organised and welcoming office? A neat and modern office creates a positive first impression on clients and will set the tone for your business relationship.

Create a Recognisable Place

Successful brands are easily recognisable with just visual or auditory cues. Depending on your industry's niche, you can easily create a striking office design that reflects your brand and makes customers remember you.

Target the Right Clients for Your Business

The aesthetic workspace is different for each industry. By designing your office according to your industry’s top trends and unique needs, you’ll attract your ideal clients.

Attract the Right Clients

Engage the Right Clients

Buy Executive Office Furniture Online

Your office aesthetics matter and can be a deal breaker for your business. Don’t worry – we can help. Andrews Office Furniture has something for everyone. From expensive and branded executive office furniture online to second-hand and budget-friendly, we’ve been equipping offices for 50 years.

Give us a call today, so you can store your office with the right materials because office aesthetics do matter!