Back & Neck Pain

Ergonomic Furniture

It's breathtaking how many work-related health conditions still plague the modern office worker because of inferior furniture. Even healthier people can often find themselves with a little niggle here, a pain or ache there. This doesn't include the more serious back and neck complaints, which can quickly diminish your physical capabilities. However, ergonomic furniture is here to help!

More people are using ergonomic furniture to improve their physical health, which leads to improved energy levels and morale. The main two types of ergonomic furniture the modern era offers are ergonomic desks, also known as sit/stand desks or height adjustable desks, as well as ergonomic office chairs.

Sit/Stand Desks

Height Adjustable Desks

Ergonomic Desks

Proven to aid people with back problems, improve blood circulation, and burn more calories, ergonomic desks are more flexible options. Sit/stand desks allow their users to work while seated or standing.  Using either a manual handle, or an electric mechanism via a touch pad, the desk's height adjusts to your needs.

Various sizes, styles, and finishes are available for these height adjustable desks. Accessories are also available to help customise your work-space to suit your preferences, including screens, cable management, and monitor arms. Check out our innovative new range of Bench-style Sit/Stand Desks, or convert your standard desk into an ergonomic work-space with our new sit/stand converters!

While ergonomic desks are great on their own, they only form half of the ideal ergonomic tag team. If at all possible, we recommend you add an ergonomic office chair into the mix too, because if you have a sub-par office chair, your sit/stand desk may only serve to slow down the inevitable damage caused by the office chair.

Ergohuman Plus Office Chair

Ergohuman Plus Chair

Ergonomic Chairs

Generally more expensive than your standard office chairs, ergonomic office chairs are well worth considering in the long run. Industry leading ergonomic office chairs, such as the Ergohuman chair, and the Enjoy chair, are as adjustable as they come, meaning you are sure to find a setting that suits your specific body shape, weight, and size. Furthermore, these chairs last longer, with the Ergohuman and Enjoy coming with a reassuring manufacturer's guarantee of anything between three and ten years! This shows the confidence the manufacturers have in their product, and the quality of the materials used in their construction.

While an ergonomic office is not essential, providing you lead a healthy lifestyle, it helps you to maintain your health. This applies to everybody from young, healthy people, to older people with health issues. Furthermore, the longer you sit in a sub-par chair, at a standard desk, the more ailments you can develop.

Image source: pixabay