The modern office worker spends a substantial amount of time at their desk, so an inferior chair can do damage over time. Neck pain, back problems, and leg issue are the most common complaints. This can affect you physically, it can affect your mood, your productivity, and your overall ability to function optimally. However, if you spend time getting to know the benefits of ergonomic office chairs, the aforementioned pitfalls can be avoided.

Budget Ergonomic Office Chairs

Budget Ergonomic Office Chairs

Budget Ergonomic Office Chair

If you are low on funds, budget ergonomic office chairs are still a step above your standard office chair. There are comfortable and supportive models within the £150 - £200 range, that will help fight physical ailments. Many budget models have similar numbers and styles of adjustable features as their more expensive counterparts. Where these models can fall short is longevity. They can be durable, but certainly not as durable as the likes of the Ergohuman or Herman Miller Chairs.

Enjoy Chair

Enjoy Chair with Headrest

Enjoy & Ergohuman

If there was an annual ergonomic office chairs competition, the Enjoy chair, as well as its sister chair, the Ergohuman, would appear in the final every year. Along with their highly durable bodywork, they have an almost endless list of adjustable features, including seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, adjustable armrests, a tilt mechanism with tension control and back-locking, and an optional adjustable headrest. The biggest difference between the two is that the Ergohuman has a two-part lumbar support built into its backrest, while the Enjoy's backrest is all-in-one. If you want a ergonomic chair that will last, the Enjoy or Ergohuman is right up there with the best.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron Chair

Perhaps the only brand that could trump the Enjoy and Ergohuman, Herman Miller is a famously revered designer, that is synonymous with producing only the best in ergonomic furniture design. Models such as the Mirra, the Sayl, and perhaps most famously, the Aeron, are known as industry front runners. About as adjustable as the Enjoy & Ergohuman, the Aeron chair is more compact. It also comes with the comfort of knowing your chair was designed by one of the best ever. A new Herman Miller Aeron Chair can set you back over a thousand pounds, but if you are determined, you can find second hand models on the market for much cheaper.

Featured Image Credit: Sarah Richter on Pixabay.