Productivity at Work

Ways to Create a Productive Workspace
The economic output per hour in the UK has been increasing steadily in recent years, reaching 1.7% in the first quarter of 2022. Although higher than in 2019, this number remains low compared to the previous year’s.

There are many reasons for the downward movement of productivity in the workspace – from stress to bad management and a toxic work environment. But there are also many ways to create a better and more productive workplace, from drastic workload changes to something as simple as getting a better corner office desk.

Read on to learn why you should have a productive work environment and how you can achieve it.

Why Create a Productive Workspace?
Aside from the fact that a productive workspace gives you the chance to get more work done, there are many other benefits that you can get. Here are some of the most common ones:

● Better focus – Focus is critical to productivity. A workspace where you won’t be interrupted regularly can help improve overall productivity.
● Better work quality – Working in a comfortable and positive environment can help increase the quality of your output.
● Better outcomes – If you get more work done that’s better quality, you can rest assured that the customer satisfaction rate will also increase.

How to Boost Productivity in Your Work Area
Whether you work from home or in the office, there are several ways to boost productivity in your working environment. Below are some of them.

Move Around

Move Around

When working, you’d naturally hit a wall at one point. That is why having several short breaks where you stretch out your legs for a few minutes can be highly beneficial. However, to do this, you need to create a workspace where you have enough space to move around. Make sure to remove any unnecessary items that can obstruct your path.

Liven Up the Area
Putting a few plants or colourful greenery around the workspace can be extra beneficial for your productivity. Not only will they brighten up the room, but they can also produce clean air and give more energy to you.

You can also simply add more bright things to your room. Sometimes rearranging and purchasing a unique piece of furniture like a swing chair can help boost your mood and motivate you to be more productive.

Break from Phones

Set Your Phone Aside
Needless to say, the main distractor today is phones. When you’re in your working zone, a simple notification can completely throw you off track and make you lose focus. Set all your gadgets in an area away from you – out of sight, out of mind!

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