How to Improve a Small Office Space

Cramped Office Space

Naturally, no-one wants to feel claustrophobic. Hence, employees who are made to squeeze into an overly small office could be left feeling too grumpy to do their best work.

However, if a tiny office is all you can offer for the time being, you can still utilise various tips and tricks to create the illusion of a larger space. For example, you could…

Paint the walls in light colours  

One simple reason for you to do so is that these surfaces would, as a result, be better able to reflect light. This, in turn, would make the room seem bigger. If it is currently resplendent in dark colours, these could be absorbing light and so contributing to a cramped feeling.

Illuminate the interior space

Lighting & Windows

Lighting/Windows Can Make A Huge Difference

No matter how pale the walls look, there might remain a relatively limited amount of light for them to reflect. If this is indeed the case, it would be wise for you to investigate potential options for bringing extra light — whether natural or artificial — into the room.

To this end, you could have large windows and an array of electrical lighting fixtures put in place.

Put up mirrors near windows and light sources  

Like pale-coloured walls, mirrors can reflect light around the space, consequently making it appear bigger.

The same effect can be enhanced by other reflective surfaces. These include metal fittings on cabinets, which our office furniture store is able to sell to businesses based in London, Essex and Northampton.

Cables & Wires

Cables & Wires Cause Clutter

Conceal — or get rid of — wires where possible  

Of course, the modern office can rely on a wide range of electronic devices. However, using these can result in cables and wires gathering in a tangled mess.

In a tiny office especially, this situation can exacerbate the lack of physical space as well as risk safety. However, in many instances, you might be able to hide cables or switch to wireless tech.

Be Careful Exactly Where you put Office Furniture  

Though placing it against walls might make sense in theory, the room could be left looking congested. Paradoxically, however, leaving a gap of a few inches between the furniture and the wall can make for a more spacious feel.

Remove Redundant Items

AOF Removal/Installation Team

AOF Removal/Installation Team

Your office might contain certain items that outlived their usefulness a while ago but you didn’t quite get around to discarding them, perhaps simply because you were too busy.

Of course, technology — like telephones and fax machines — can easily become surplus to requirements over time. However, office furniture can similarly be rendered useless if, say, it breaks, or if it no longer caters to your company’s needs.

By clearing objects like these from your office space, you can make it look cleaner and more spacious. Plus, your workplace could be left with the necessary space to accommodate new pieces that, compared to the old ones, are appreciably more modern in build and functionality.

Feel free to peruse our office furniture online or in-store in search of such pieces — and phone us on 0800 559 3917 for further guidance.