Meeting Booths

A Modern Office Meeting in a Meeting Booth

Meeting booths, meeting pods, acoustic booths or pods, and meeting room pods. These are all names for what is essentially a booth or pod, which is at-least-partially closed off from the outside world. All the rage in modern office spaces, these booths allow for more privacy when working alone, or when conducting meetings.

A truly modern item, the meeting booth is designed with comfort, productivity, and sustainability in mind. They often feature acoustic panelled walls to keep distracting sounds out, cushioned seating for comfort, and power modules/data access points for practicality when working/conducting meetings.

The Pros

- Increased privacy thanks to acoustic walls and doors mean less distractions, higher levels of productivity, and increased powers of concentration.

In-Built Tables & Data Access Points

In-Built MeetingTables & Data Access Points

- They often include in-built meeting tables, power modules, and data access points, for even more added convenience.

- Increased versatility for your office space. If you have six meeting booths in one room, you could technically conduct six different meetings without too much distraction/overlap, a feat which would be next to impossible in an open-space office environment.

- Think of your meeting pod as a handy movable meeting room. If you move offices, take your meeting pod with you, and simply pop it in its new spot.

Modern Meeting Booths are Sustainable

Modern Meeting Booths are Made From Recyclable Materials

- Sustainability: Many pods and booths are made from recycled materials and embody energy-efficient features to minimise their carbon footprint.

The Cons

- Buying your meeting pods brand new can prove difficult if you have a tight budget (see our second-hand range here!)

Second Hand Meeting Booths

Second Hand Meeting Booths Cost Less

- They are not ideal for larger meetings; they typically cater for one person, two people, four people, or six people. Occasionally you’ll find an eight-person booth, but very rarely will you find any larger than that.

- If you don’t get along well with your co-workers, this could be exacerbated by a pod, as you’ll be confined to an even smaller space with them than usual!

The new meeting booth trend has been sweeping the modern office workspace in recent years, and with the highly practical features they offer, it’s easy to see why. The pros far outweigh the cons, and there are even second-hand options available for those who are shopping on a tight budget.

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