As we ease back into our work and office places in the coming months, we thought we'd give you a simple guide to help you stay safe & healthy at work. This guide will offer some helpful tips when it comes to adjusting office layouts, employing new social distancing measures in the workplace, as well as the introduction of sneeze guards.

Sneeze Guards

Screen Mounted Sneeze Guards

Office Layout & Best Practices

Perhaps the most obvious, but also one of the most crucial aspects to consider when returning to work, is the general layout of your office space. New social distancing measures will inevitably lead to many offices being renovated to adhere to the new best practices. These measures may include more signs on walls and even floors, helping and instructing people.

The biggest and most time consuming change when it comes to the office space will be with desk space planning. Desks will have to be further apart, in order to keep two metres apart from colleagues. This could mean any offices with banks of bench desks having to re-fit their framework to transform them into single workstations. 

Desk Mounted Sneeze Guards

Hygiene Screen

Desk Mounted Hygiene Screen

Similar to traditional office screens, but made out of easily wipeable materials, Desk Mounted Sneeze Guards will be employed in a lot more offices. This is literally to help guard you from sneezes, coughs, or other unwanted airborne germs. These, along with Screen Mounted Sneeze Guards, which will attach to pre-existing fabric screens, will be key players. 

Free Standing & Mobile Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

Free Standing & Mobile Sneeze Guards

For meeting rooms, breakout and reception areas, free standing and mobile sneeze guard screens will also be installed into offices. Similar to the desk mounted versions, these screens come in a variety of styles, sizes, & finishes. They will provide visual cues/reminders of social distancing, and help to guard from bacteria released from sneezing and coughing, etc.