Bench Desks Allow For More Space

Office Bench Desks

Productivity can be enhanced through a creative workspace. The use and layout of your furniture are essential for optimising creativity because the wrong set-up could have a devastating impact on the vibe of your office.

How can a creative workplace be designed, you might ask? With the assistance of bench desks, your office could be transformed into a creative workspace for your employees.

The complete opposite of a cubicle desk, bench desks don’t have a partition that divides the space of employees. This open desk format encourages more collaboration as well as communication between employees.

Why Use a Bench Desk?

Bench desks offer an open space for employees to sit together, making the office feel more like a collaborative space, because workers will be more likely to openly discuss ideas and queries with one another.

Create Space

Banks of Desks

Whilst collaboration is encouraged, bench desking doesn’t prevent employees from carrying out their duties and working on their projects individually, as each person still has their own personal space. You get the best of both worlds.
Another useful feature of these desks is that they are multi-functional and versatile so can also be used for meetings, discussions, or even conferences, making them cost-effective.

Benefits of Bench Desks

With various benefits on offer to explore, you should consider investing in bench desks for your office. So, what are the benefits?

Space Efficiency

With various sizes on offer, the layout of bench desking is versatile so that it can be put anywhere in the office. Whether it is placed by a window, or in the centre of a room, it doesn’t take up too much space. This enables staff to walk around the office easily, utilising free space and comfort. On top of this, the bench will help the office look more spacious.

Bench Desking is Affordable

Office Bench Desking is Affordable


There is no doubt that bench desks are great quality furniture at an affordable price. Being versatile pieces of furniture, they offer several functions, making them a cost-effective investment. Investing in these desks is a great way to optimise your office space on a budget.

Excellent Office Communication

Bench desks encourage your employees to sit together as a team and discuss their projects and day-to-day duties. This will assist in meeting deadlines, as queries are more likely to be discussed and resolved. Not only will this benefit the business in employees being productive, but it will keep up staff morale and community culture.

Easily Enable Future Expansion

Easily Add to Your Team with Bench Desks

Expand Your Team Using Bench Desks

If your company was to expand in the future, then having bench desks would be beneficial as they offer the needed space for new employees to sit at. A bigger team requires more space, and with these desks there will be no need for purchasing new individual desks, as they offer an open space, fit for new employees to join.

Andrews Office Furniture provides a range of white bench desks, as well as desks in a variety of different colours and styles, that can help boost productivity, collaboration, and space in the office. Call 0800 102 6893 or email [email protected] for more information.