Ergonomics in the Workplace

Workplace Ergonomics

You might often seen the word ‘ergonomic’ in product listings and wondered whether the term is used for more than just marketing purposes. The good news is that ergonomic office furniture truly built with ergonomics in mind can significantly ease day-to-day work routines.

Through using the ergonomic likes of tables and chairs, members of your team can work more comfortably — and, consequently, in a more productive and stress-free fashion as well. Otherwise, aches, pains and tiredness could too easily arise — and threaten your workforce’s drive.

What is the Science Behind Workplace Ergonomics?

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

Noteworthy examples of health issues that can come about due to poor ergonomics include tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and lower back strain. These are musculoskeletal disorders capable of slowing down your workers.

Naturally, the faster that someone can work, the more they can get done. However, as a result of using ergonomic furniture, employees can reduce the amount of stress that would usually be placed on specific areas — including pressure points — of the body.

What Exactly Puts the ‘Ergonomic’ into Furniture?

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to let users sit or work comfortably for lengthy periods of time. Moreover, it is intended to prevent users from incurring injuries that could ultimately force them to take time off work.

This means that ergonomic office furniture can easily pay for itself over the long term. Ergonomic chairs often come with lumbar support as well as height adjustability.

Ergonomic Sit Stand Desks

Ergonomic Standing Desks

Through adjusting the height of an ergonomic chair, you can make sure your feet are on the floor, your knees are in line with or slightly beneath your hips, and those hips are back in the chair. These are all boxes that you should strive to tick if you want to achieve a healthy posture.

None of this is strictly to say that you ought to be sitting for all of the time you work. If your business is based in London, Northampton or Essex, we can provide you with a sitting and standing desk that would let you alternate between sitting and standing as the workday goes on.

When you periodically switch between sitting and standing during the workday, you can look forward to reduced back pain and improved blood circulation. The broad range of sit-stand desks we stock enables businesses to source units that match or complement their office decor.

Ergonomic Office Furniture Works Well Long Term

Ergohuman Office Chair

Ergonomic Ergohuman Chair

An ergonomic chair can help you to get your posture right. This, in turn, can alleviate strain in the muscles and tension in the spine — potentially leading to other health benefits.

One good case in point is the relief of headaches, which result from muscle strain. It is also crucial to heed that improper posture can cause fatigue and reduce lung capacity.

In buying this furniture, you can also indicate to your employees that you value their comfort and health. This situation would bode well for your workers’ loyalty to your organisation.