Boardroom Table

The Boardroom

As an office’s boardroom table is typically where presentations are delivered and meetings are held with clients, your own company obviously doesn’t want its own boardroom to become… well, a bored room.

What isn’t always so obvious at first, though, is how much a boardroom table can influence what does happen in the space. Here is a detailed overview of various things you should keep in mind when endeavouring to choose what boardroom table to buy.


Yes, the table’s shape can prove a surprisingly pivotal factor. When you initially think of a boardroom table, you probably picture a rectangular tabletop — but boardroom tables can also be oval or even circular.

Round Boardroom Table

The Round Boardroom Table

One good rule of thumb is to consider what you want to achieve in the room. While rectangular tables are often the go-to choice for facilitating formal meetings, round tables foster a greater degree of collaboration.


The table’s size needs to be proportionate to that of the boardroom as a whole. Also, how many people do you expect would have to be simultaneously seated at the table?

An overly small table can leave the event’s attendees feeling crammed like sardines (not a good thing even if your company actually sells sardines). At the opposite end of the scale, an excessively large table could see attendees regularly struggling to hear each other clearly enough.


You have various factors to weigh up here. For example, while a wooden table might look charmingly traditional at first, it could bode ill if it lacks any kind of scratch-resistant coating.

Similarly, though a glass table can come across as delightfully sleek, smudges on it may stand out like sore thumbs unless the glass is, say, opaque or frosted.

Power Module

Power Modules

Power Sources

Given how frequently laptops and smartphones are used at boardroom tables, it makes sense that such a table can often come with a power module built in. This part of the table can be lined with sockets ensuring that multiple attendees don’t have to take turns to plug in and power their work devices.

Even if your finances mean that you will have to settle for a second hand boardroom table, you won’t necessarily have to look far to find one that comes with an in-built power module.


We have only just touched upon the financial aspect, but yes, it could appear to somewhat limit your options. The good news, though, is that even a relatively small, cash-strapped business might not need to compromise on quality as much as they had expected.

Second Hand Boardroom Table

Used Boardroom Tables

That’s because this company could opt for a second hand boardroom table, which can strike a nice balance, having a generous set of features but not quite the price tag usually associated with that.

Where Should I Buy My Boardroom Table?

Many UK businesses can buy boardroom tables from Andrews Office Furniture through this very website. If you are still struggling to decide precisely what type of boardroom table would best meet your requirements, you can visit one of our showrooms, phone us on 0800 102 6843, or email [email protected] for specialist advice.