As Covid-19 continues to tighten its grip on the world, the world of the office space is changing too. Office culture is changing the way it operates in order to remain safe and productive. From downsizing your office to complete re-designs, here are our five helpful tips for adapting to office life in 2021.

Business Goals

Business Requirements

1. Understanding what your business needs

Understanding what your business needs, along with employee safety, should be the driving force behind all decision making in 2021. How best can you benefit both the business and your employees, while helping the whole operation moving forward? Do you need to re-design your office space? Perhaps even re-locate entirely? Maybe downsizing your office would allow for efficient running of the business? Can some employees do their job as safely and efficiently from home as they could from the office? These are all questions you'll need to be asking yourself when approaching office culture in 2021.

2. Employee safety/productivity

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

In order for a business to operate smoothly it must take care of its employees. Proper personal protective equipment should be used by all, wherever appropriate, particularly in communal areas of the office, such as breakout spaces, canteens, etc. Think about your employees, their job roles, and exactly what those job roles entail. Can anything be changed about the way these roles are performed, so that your employees, the public, and you are not put at any unnecessary risk?

Communal Areas

Communal Work Areas

3. Redesign communal workspaces

When it comes to communal working areas, every effort should be made to ensure that the area is kept as well ventilated as possible, and clear of any unnecessary obstacles or mess.
Signage should be implemented on walls and floors to ensure people can maintain social distancing guidelines in and around the office. Sneeze guard screens and mobile sneeze guards are increasingly being employed in modern office spaces too.

4. Relocation & downsizing your office

Office Re-location

Office Clearances/Re-location

If relocating or downsizing your office space is unavoidable, then there are a couple of things you can do to help facilitate a smooth transition. You can recycle any unwanted furniture, clearing your space, and even sell it on, or part exchange it for other items. When it comes to relocating, you can consult office furniture companies who offer free office space planning, and delivery and installation, to help you save on costs. To see how Andrews Office Furniture can help you downsize, clear, or relocate your office(s), click here.

Office Space Design Experts

Office Space Planning Experts

5. Speak to an office space planning expert

If you are still unsure about how to organise downsizing your office or relocation, you can always speak to an office space planning expert. They will discuss your specific needs with you, and work with you to plan your space, using 3D CAD images to show you exactly how the finished space will look. To see how Andrews Office Furniture can help you plan your office(s) for FREE, click here.

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