Back Issues Caused by Poor Posture

Back Pain Can be Due to an Inferior Office Chair

Do you often find yourself distracted at work due to feeling uncomfortable? Many of us office workers experience back pain or stiffness in our necks. Most likely, the cause of our problems starts with the type of office chairs we sit in.

Spending long periods of time in the wrong type sof chairs can cause problems for our bodies, which is why you should consider investing in adjustable office chairs.

What is an Adjustable Office Chair?

Adjustable office chairs will adjust to the natural structure of your body and offer support to your body parts, which might otherwise suffer, when you are seated for long periods of time. Our most common body parts which seem to take the hit are our backs, shoulders, necks, as well as our arms and legs.

What’s great about adjustable office chairs is that they are designed with several adjustment options, which can accommodate the different seating positions you may choose throughout the day, as most of us like to change positions to feel more comfortable.

Adjustable Office Chairs

Logic Ergonomic Office Chairs

Advantages of Adjustable Operator Chairs

You should consider investing in adjustable office chairs because they can offer a range of benefits for your comfort, attention span, health, and work performance. Some of the main advantages of adjustable office chairs are:

Supporting your Posture

Common office chairs aren’t built with the idea in mind that your spine holds a natural ‘S’ shape, with curves in specific positions. For this reason, we tend to experience pain and discomfort when sitting in these traditional common office chairs.

By opting for adjustable office chairs, the shape of your spine is looked after, as it is designed in mind to support the natural ‘S’ shape, aiding you to feel more comfortable and supported throughout your day.

Standard Office Chairs

Standard Chairs Can be Restrictive

Preventing Poor Posture Habits

Sitting in common traditional office chairs can encourage us to sit in a slouched or slumped position, causing us to develop hunched shoulders, or other poor posture habits. Over time, these poor posture habits can be dangerous for our bodies.

By investing in adjustable office chairs, these poor postures can be prevented because they aid you in sitting with a better posture, whilst feeling comfortable and at ease.

Supports Hip & Pelvis Alignment

Lower back pain is usually caused by improper alignment of the hip and pelvis from sitting in a traditional chair all day. This improper alignment strains the muscles, leading to lower back pain.

If you sit in an adjustable office chair instead you can easily aid with the proper alignment of your hip and pelvis, preventing lower back pain from being caused.

Neck Pain is Reduced

Whilst traditional office chairs might support your upper back, this tends to cause an unbalance in the neck and shoulders, leading to stiffness after a long working day.

Ergohuman Office Chairs

Ergohuman Adjustable Office Chair

By sitting in an adjustable office chair instead, your neck and shoulders will be supported for the duration of your working day, helping to prevent any stiffness.

Improves Comfort & Attention Span

Opting for adjustable office chairs will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable because you won’t be distracted by any pains in your body throughout your working day. As a result, you will find that you are much more productive, as you won’t have as many distractions from your work.

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