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The Positive Impact of Active Workstations
It’s the 21st century, the era when more and more people utilise the “work from home” concept and adopt sedentary lifestyles, which doesn’t offer many benefits, especially if you aren’t physically active the rest of time.

By making simple lifestyle changes, we can make a big step towards the healthier side of life. According to WHO, it only takes 30 minutes a day of physical activity, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when working. That’s why many office workers are choosing active workstations.

These practical sit-stand desks encourage more movement and offer a wide variety of other benefits for everyone. So, the next time you’re doing your office furniture online shopping, you might want to consider a couple of them to brighten your workspace and drive you to stay active.

Active Workstations Lower Your Risk of Obesity

Sitting for more than eight hours a day affects more than just your posture. It also slows down your metabolism, making it easier for the body to accumulate unnecessary fat.

Active workstations are designed to keep you moving while you stay productive. These stations are also completely ergonomic and adjustable, so you can always feel comfortable while working.

Active Workstations Help You Burn More Calories
You’re probably familiar with the fact that physical activity leads to burning more calories. Hence, you can’t expect a sedentary lifestyle to help keep your body in perfect shape.

This is where active workstations come in. As they’re designed to keep your body in motion, you’ll be able to work and stay productive while burning more calories.

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Active Workstations Improve Your Energy Levels
According to research, young adults who are exposed to day-long sitting suffer from fatigue more than young adults who stand and move more frequently. So, if you’re suffering from constant fatigue and energy drops throughout the day, this is your call to provide yourself with a sit-stand desk.

Keep in mind that being energised means being happier and more productive, leading to better work results.

Active Workstations Stimulate Your Creative Flow
You can’t go wrong with an active workstation if your job includes more creativity. These desks are 100% adjustable, meaning you can easily switch from sitting to standing and vice versa- whatever works better for you. Some sit-stand desks are portable, allowing you to shift your desk anywhere in the room where you feel more productive.

Active Workstations Lower Your Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases
Sitting for extended periods may increase the chances of heart failure, stroke, and other diseases. This is why doctors recommend walking for people that suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Moving while working stimulates your blood flow, undoubtedly leading to a healthier heart. Plus, we get the best ideas while being in motion, so you never know.

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