As more people begin to work from home in the coming weeks, many home offices & studies will be dusted off and put to use. Many only have small rooms too, or perhaps even just a section of a room, so it can be difficult to organise a comfortable, functional, & compact work area. That's why we've decided to give you some handy tips on how to do exactly that with your home office furniture choices.

Home Office Furniture: Desks

Home Office Furniture: Unite Desk

Unite Desk

When it comes to desks, start by determining the smallest size you are able to comfortably work with. The best way to save on space is to go for shorter desks, perhaps 800mm or 100mm in length, as opposed to the more common 1200mm length models. You can also opt for shallower desks, going for 600mm or 700mm depth options, instead of the more traditional 800mm. Another way to save on floor space when it comes to desks, is to get one with a fixed pedestal. This combines your desk and storage needs, leaving you with more floor space beneath your desk.

Air Mesh Back Office Chair

Air Mesh Office Chair

Home Office Furniture: Chairs

Compact comfort is the order of the day when it comes to chairs too. Fabric and mesh office chairs are more advisable than leather or faux leather. This is because the fabric and mesh ranges generally tend to have more smaller and compact models. Another potentially useful suggestion would be to stick to the slightly more basic models when it comes to adjustable features. This is because too many adjustable features can change the size of the chair drastically, especially the likes of seat depth adjusters, and back tilting mechanisms. If your chair is only height adjustable, it will always take up the same amount of space.

Home Office Furniture: Storage

Bisley Slimline Pedestal

Bisley Note Slimline Pedestal

When it comes to close-to-hand personal storage, you should be able to make do with either a desk high pedestal, or a mobile under-desk pedestal. Other options include the aforementioned fixed desk pedestal, but the most practical option is certainly the slimline pedestal. To be found most commonly in wood or steel finishes, these are generally slimmer, as the name suggests. This essentially means a smaller footprint, more floor space, and more leg space for you under your desk.

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